Fill out completely a SNP Genotyping form:

(Note: We do not process samples with incomplete forms)

a) For IRRI clients, fill out a SNP Genotyping Client form for IRRI clients.
b) For External Clients from other CGIAR centers, non-profit organizations, and universities, fill out a SNP Genotyping External client form.
c) For External Clients from private companies, fill out a SNP Genotyping Commercial form.
Affix the required signatures to the accomplished form then scan and forward them to:


After you have submitted the forms, a service invoice will be sent to you.

For external clients, this invoice is needed to facilitate payment through check or bank transfer.
Please read our Payment Policies

Prepare your samples: 

Sample preparation directions vary depending on the sample type and platform to be used. Before sending your samples, please read carefully the GSL Submission Protocol  and contact us if you have any question.

Submit your samples to the GSL: 

Submit your samples to the GSL at IRRI. If you are sending your samples by mail, please read carefully our GSL Submission Protocol.


Our goal is to provide high quality results in the shortest possible time. We can only start processing your samples when the complete forms, samples and payment information have been received. A confirmation of your samples and the status of the SNP run will be sent through the e-mail given in the filled out form. To discuss the turnaround time after submitting samples, please contact us.