DNA Shipment Guidelines


    Letter of Intent or Material Transfer Agreement

     List of your samples to process Import Clearance (attach this to your package)

   Brief outline of the research

    Import Clearance which shall be sent by the GSL via email (attach this to your package)

    Phytosanitary Certificate (attach this to your package)


1.       Provide material transfer agreement (MTA), or Letter of Intent.  Any incoming samples to IRRI (seeds or DNA) have to pass through our Intellectual Property Rights Management. The MTA from your institution has to be reviewed by this body, and upon their agreement, only we will receive your samples. In case the sender’s Institution does not have MTA, a Letter of Intent will be enough.


The Letter of Intent will briefly describe your conditions and the extent of activities you allow us with the samples you will be sending.


Please indicate in the Letter of Intent if your samples should be discarded after being processed, or if they should be kept for future re-analysis upon your request.  The letter also has to declare that you are not granting us any right to distribute your materials after the experimentation, and they should solely be used for this SNP Genotyping purpose.


We will apply for a MTA-Approval here on IRRI, to review your conditions, this procedure usually take at least 1 week.


2.       Submit a list of your samples with a description (example: are they progenies from crosses of two lines, backcross progenies, varieties, mutants etc.). You should also write a brief outline of the research.


The MTA or Letters Of Intent and the list of your samples are needed to apply for Import Clearance here in the Philippines.  This process will take at least one week. To avoid any unnecessary delay please send these two letters as soon as possible.


When we received the Import Clearance, we will send you the soft copy through e-mail. This you need to print and attach to the shipment later on along with other documents required.


3.       Request for a Phytosanitary Certificate. You will need to attach this certificate to the shipment. Some countries do not issue Phytosanitary Certificate for DNA and a letter or email from your country’s Plant Quarantine Service stating “No Phytosanitary Certificate Required” will be enough. Please attach this letter to your shipment and forward us this email as a proof for our local Plant Quarantine Service.

4.      Prepare your samples for shipment following the GSL guidelines for preparing and sending your DNA Samples, and send them to this address:


Genotyping Services Laboratory

c/o Seed Health Unit

International Rice Research Institute

College Los Baños Laguna Philippines 4031


Note: Please consider that we prefer to work with DHL to avoid transportation problems here in Philippines.


5.       Kindly provide the GSL staff with the tracking number and a scan of the airway bill, if possible, to help us process through Philippines customs if there is delay or question with the shipment.

6.       Once the DNA samples arrived, we will apply for inspection for our Local Plant Quarantine Service. IRRI’s Seed Health Unit will check if documents for these DNA samples are complete (MTA Approval, Phytosanitary Certificate and List of Samples).