Global rice QC 24-SNPs

This SNP set is optimized to detect up to 99.9% of cross contaminations between rice germplasms. It has an average of 10 polymorphic SNPs between accessions from the rice gene bank. It can uniquely distinguish up to 90% of the published 3024 sequenced rice genomes. It is an affordable and effective genotyping platform for seed quality control and assurance. For inquiries, please contact us at

 SNP Provider ID Chr Ref Alt
snpOS0349 1 A G
snpOS0373 1 G A
snpOS0350 2 C T
snpOS0351 2 T C
snpOS0352 2 T C
snpOS0355 4 T G
snpOS0356 4 T C
snpOS0308 5 C A
snpOS0357 5 C T
snpOS0309 6 T C
snpOS0382 6 C G
snpOS0291 7 G A
snpOS0358 7 G A
snpOS0292 8 A G
snpOS0384 8 G A
snpOS0362 9 A G
snpOS0363 10 G T
snpOS0314 11 A G
snpOS0365 11 A G
snpOS0368 11 A T
snpOS0369 11 T G
snpOS0388 11 A G
snpOS0389 11 T C
snpOS0318 12 G C