Ten highly polymorphic SNP markers across indica subspecies

On an average, it has 40% polymorphism across all possible pairwise combinations of the indica germplasm. This set has at least 1 polymorphic marker in 95% of crosses made within the IRRI breeding pool or any materials within indica subspecies. This set makes a very affordable and effective panel for employing quality control methods such as hybridity (F1) testing and line verification. For inquiries, please contact us at gsl@irri.org.

 SNP Provider ID  Ref  Alt
 snpOS0287  T  C
 snpOS0289  T  G
 snpOS0290  C  A
 snpOS0291  G  A
 snpOS0292  A  G
 snpOS0296  A  G
 snpOS0298  A  T
 snpOS0307  T  G
 snpOS0309  T  C
 snpOS0312  G  A