External service provider I KASP™ SNP genotyping 
GSL has validated 24 different SNPs from an external KASP™ service provider in Singapore that are tighly linked with 14 different key trait genes associated with biotic and abiotic stresses useful for different markers assisted aplication strategies.

The currently SNPs validated and tested by GSL are associated with the genes:

 Gene  Trait
 RSTV        Rice tungro spherical virus   
 BPH18  Brown planthopper
 BPH3  Brown planthopper
 xa5  Bacterial leaf blight
 Xa7  Bacterial leaf blight
 xa13  Bacterial leaf blight
 Xa21  Bacterial leaf blight
 Pita  Blast
 Chalk5  Grain chalkiness
 BADH2  Fragrance
 GS3  Grain size
 GS5  Grain size
 GW2  Grain weight
 GW8  Grain weight

Product highlights

The 24 SNPs have been thoroughly tested and validated for robustness showing high percentage of call rates, precise and accurate SNP call when leaf tissue is provided as instructed by service provider.

The turnaround time may vary between experiments and workload but is relatively fast.