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Illumina Infinium platform

Infinium GSL

The Infinium platform detects SNP alleles by adding a fluorescence-labeled allele-specific nucleotide via single-base extension and subsequent detection of the fluorescence color. 

The Illumina Infinium chips are sophisticated silicon-based array devices.  If you are interested to learn about the technology that drives the gold standard Infinium genotyping arrays, watch the following video:

This beadchip was designed by Susan MacCouch’s group 
at Cornell University and is now being used for SNP fingerprinting, high-resolution mapping and genome-wide SNP scans.

Several subsets of markers from BeadXpress 384-SNP sets are also included on the Infinium. The 6K BeadChip contains about 6 000 bead types, around 5 000 of them are high quality, providing around 5K SNP data points