DNA extraction: oKtopure

The oKtopureTM is a robot platform which combines standardised high throughput DNA extraction from plant tissue with the proprietary sbeadex® magnetic bead based extraction chemistry. 

Key to the delivery of consistently high quality and high yield DNA preparations from the oKtopure is its ability to bind and hold the magnetic beads, and hence the DNA in place whilst transferring the buffers required for washing, binding and elution steps. The final aqueous wash used in the sbeadex extraction protocols enables the delivery of nucleic preparations ideal for downstream applications such as SNP genotyping and NGS and Sanger sequencing. 

This system is now fully integrated in GSL and is now being offered as a service for internal clients. A total of 768 samples (8 plates) can be extracted at a time with high quality DNA yield ranging from 40-60ng/uL which is suited for SNP genotyping.